Electronic Gift Solutions leads the pack in the Gift and Loyalty Card arena.

Emulation? - Yes We Can!

If you already have a card program with another provider, we can import your card balances and data into our network and seamlessly process the transactions. This is a great money saving option!

Merchants can continue using their existing card stock and issue new cards until they run out. Then, we’ll take care of the next order!

Pooling is supported!

Pooling is the debiting and crediting of funds among various locations of a corporate gift card program. (One Example would be a Shopping Mall.)

When a card is activated at Location A and redeemed at Location B, Location A has taken in the funds from the card activation and B has sold products or services after redeeming value on the card.

Pooling is when we debit Location A for the amount of sale that Location B redeemed and needs to be funded for.

Now it's so easy to check a card balance

You and your customers can check their balance 24/7 at www.cardbalance.info or by calling our Interactive Voice Response phone number at (877) 643-8225. You can even post the "check your balance" link on your company's website!